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 a quick template stats

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Dha Verd


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PostSubject: a quick template stats   Tue Jun 23, 2009 4:25 pm

haha what you guys think?

Alertness +10
Bounty Mission Difficulty +3
Burst Run Efficiency +40
Camping +5
Carbine Accuracy +125
Carbine Speed +85
Counterattack +80
Creature Harvesting +15
Creature Knowledge +5
Defense vs Blind +40
Defense vs Dizzy +40
Defense vs Intimidate +25
Defense vs Knockdown +65
Defense vs Posture Change +20
Defense vs Stun +40
Dodge +80
Droid Precision +130
Droid Speed +90
Droid Tracking Speed +70
General Ranged Aiming +30
Injury Treatment +35
Injury Treatment Speed +35
Light Lightning Cannon Accuracy +70
Light Lightning Cannon Speed +60
Mask Scent +70
Medical Foraging +10
Medicine Assembly +20
Medicine Experimentation +20
Medicine Use +5
Melee Defense +2
Pistol Accuracy +125
Pistol Speed +85
Ranged Defense +24
Ranged Mitigation +7
Rifle Accuracy +60
Rifle Concealment Chance +20
Rifle Speed +30
Terrain Negotiation +40
Tracking Droid Effectiveness +90
Tracking Droids +12
Trapping +5
Wound Treatment +5
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Lehvi Dession
Imperial Colonel
Imperial Colonel

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PostSubject: Re: a quick template stats   Tue Jun 23, 2009 4:41 pm

Carbineer Droid using BH build? I have feeling that is what it is. Looks pretty good to me. What are the boxes you chose. If you have them post them in the topic I am linking.

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a quick template stats
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